Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation Of Snap On Garage

Thank you for your purchase of the Snap On Garage Screen. Our screen is available in 7 & 8’ sizes from 8X7-18X8 to fit a single or double garage doors. The installation instructions are simple and can be used to install either size.

Items Included

Screen unit with female snaps

Male snaps & screws

Tools Needed

#2 Phillips screw driver

…or bit for a cordless drill

Tape Measure


Step ladder.

Installation Steps

1. Measure the width of your opening and mark the center of the surface where the screen will be attached

2. Install one male snap with the screws provided

3. Attach the center female snap of the screen unit to the male snap you installed

4. Stretch the screen left or right from the center snap and mark the location for the next male snap and install

5. Attach the corresponding female snap and continue to stretch, mark and install each of the remaining snaps around the opening.


The screen can be stored up as needed by unzipping the center and rolling the screen to the top of your opening.

The rolled up screen is held in place by the buckles attached to the screen

Tips & Comments

Be sure to stretch the screen enough to get a snug fit but remain slightly relaxed to reduce stress on the snaps.

The use of a 1/2 PVC pipe (not included) may allow easier rolling and storage of the screen in the opening.

Installation Of Snap On Garage Video